Stavanger's role as Norway's oil capital and a striving economy in the wake of that has brought many foreigners to the region. Many of which come from countries with a long rowing tradition and so it's only natural that they look for a place to keep in contact with their sport. That's how the international Masters group at Stavanger Roklub came into existence. Most expats are in Stavanger for 2-5 years and therefore there is a regular change of people in our group. It also provides newcomers to Stavanger with a place to meet people outside work.

The Masters in Stavanger Roklub are currently only a small group, but we have many nationalities. We have people from Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany and, of course, Norway. All have previous rowing experience.

Whether you have aspirations to compete in regattas or just want to go for a quiet paddle on a sunny Sunday morning there is room for you here.

Regular training sessions are Wednesdays from 19:00 and Sunday morning outings @10:00 at the boathouse. For more info please contact Peter (480 45 467,

NB: For all of you who want to try rowing, but have never done it before, please enquire about novice rowing course for adults. Experienced rowers however are still welcome to join training sessions anytime.



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